The Business of Tourism

Bloomberg’s Businessweek is running a story this week about the business of Asian tourism, specifically Chinese tourism. More and more these days, Chinese tourism is driving the economy world-wide. As progressive thought leaders in business, we have to clearly understand the benefit of such tourism and also how to harness those benefits for our business endeavors.

Perhaps the place to start is with an examination of the trends themselves. The more we understand them, the more we can understand how to market to them and service them.

The article cites this statistic, which is overwhelming:

Chinese tourists, circling the globe during holidays, are quickly becoming known for their big-spending ways. Indeed, 116 million Chinese are on track to spend$155 billion overseas this year, more than travelers from any other country, and up 20 percent from in 2013.

Did you see that number? Up 20 percent from the previous year. That is a huge jump. We need figure this into our own endeavors and see how we can cater towards such market sources.

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