Dealing with the negatives…

An interesting video was posted earlier regarding the form factor of the new iPhone 6 Plus. You can watch it here: The iPhone has certainly been eagerly awaited around the globe. One can see this by how quickly it sold out in its opening day of online orders. But as orders have multiplied, so too have the reviews of the soon to be released phone. Today’s review, posted on YouTube, is definitely a troubling one, for it deals with the very form factor of the iPhone itself (the physical casing). It turns out that the case is somewhat (and we really should put that in italics, because it certainly depends on the person testing the iPhone) malleable. Now, here’s the thing that becomes interesting for us: I’m curious to see how Apple will respond to these rumors/tests in the next few days. I think there is definitely something we can learn from them regarding marketing and leadership by the way they choose (or even not choose) to respond. It is inevitable that each and every single one of us is going to deal with negative “press” at some point during our careers. That press may deal with us individually, or it may deal with our overall business (but usually it’s some sort of combination of both). How we choose to respond to such negativity will sit in the minds of the public long after whatever caused the critique in the first place has faded into oblivion. So don’t be too quick to jump on the response band wagon. Take a moment…a breath; measure yourself and your words very carefully…and respond with a desire to maintain the public opinion of your business and your self.

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