You Have Bad Taste

If you work with clients on a regular basis and provide a service for them, you know that one of the biggest issues you need to deal with is satisfying their wants and needs.

Now, we all know that clients can be very “want-y” and “need-y.”

But what happens when those wants and needs simply are not good? In fact, what happens when they are entirely in bad taste? Of course, you feel the need to tell them, because at the end of the day you don’t want their business to become the laughing-stock of the industry and you in turn are blamed for it.

Let me give an example: A number of years ago I had an acquaintance who worked as a web designer for a realty company. If you know anything about web designers, one thing you know is that they have standards. In fact, there is something known as “web standards” in the industry. But this realty owner would have nothing to do with standards, and in fact made requests of the designer that completely cut against the grain of anything known as web standards. In fact, the website was so poorly rendered that the designer to this day will never claim it as his work.

Well, surely you can relate to a degree. So…how do you tell a client that their taste is simply, well in poor taste? Take a look at today’s article for some guidance.

Read the full article here: How top designers tell clients their taste sucks

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