This Apple Is Not Far From the Tree

Apple has another event planned for October. The tech giant already had one massive unveiling earlier in September for the iphone. That proved to be an incredible announcement with the arrival of the Apple Watch.

Next week the company will focus on their tablet line and, as many commentators believe, will introduce a new line of ipads for the world to see.

Why put two massive events back to back like this? For two reasons:

  1. Apple wants people to know that they are the leaders in all forms of technology, from smart phones to tablets to now even watches
  2. Apple also knows that it’s sales have been declining as of late (as everyone who deals with tablets have seen declining sales) and so they want to build on the momentum of the iPhone announcement and put their tablets before the eyes of everyone

What do we learn? Apple understands the market, and understands the people. It knows that people are getting antsy for something new and cutting edge. Hence, the watch. But it also knows that its own tablets are suffering…so it’s going to introduce this line and it will somehow have integrative functionality with the other Apple products.

With the phone so fresh in peoples minds they will now see this as a reason to add more with the tablet.

When you market, do you look at the overall picture as Apple has done here? Perhaps it’s time to take a step back and see how everything integrates together.

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