The Relationship Between Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing go hand in hand. Every sales person living in this social media driven and internet aware generation knows this. The message that your sales people take to the public or to direct business to business clientele is a key component in their arsenal of making the sale.

In order to provide them with the proper arsenal and back up to close that sale, you need to develop a robust marketing campaign. This campaign should be composed of not only social media, which is a given these days, but of also specific content marketing on a daily basis.

Not many companies think anymore about the specifics of that daily content marketing scheme and how important it is to work on it. This gives a background to your sales team that will help them not only talk the talk, but also back up that talk with proof and evidence that your sales teams need. They’ll be able to show it to their potential clients as they go to meetings and this will be the back drop to closing the sale.

In this way you’ll build an infrastructure around your sales teams that will enable them to do the job they need to get done in order to grow your business.


Read the full article here: What do you need to think about when crafting a marketing campaign?

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