The Crazy Simple Trick That Will Make You a Better Listener

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Aja Frost describes in his article, The Crazy Simple Trick That Will Make You a Better Listener, how to ‘mute’ yourself to become a better listener. Frost suggests that while on the phone with a prospect, to ask a question and then press the mute button. This allows the prospect to feel heard, comfortable, and able to give their unfiltered thoughts. ‘Muting’ can be used as a negotiation practice as well, as one is less likely to undercut themselves and give the buyer time to process information. Over time, the ‘mute’ skill will become automatic and improve ones networking skills.

Key Takeaways:

  • It takes a lot of self-control to stop talking when you have a plethora of follow-up questions in your head.
  • Next time you’re on the phone with a prospect, hit the “Mute” button immediately after asking them an open-ended question or finishing a statement.
  • The best part about the “mute” strategy? You’ll often find the buyer has more to say than you’d anticipated.

“After a couple months of consistently using this technique, you probably won’t need the “Mute” button at all. You’ll have trained yourself to fall silent during the optimal times. And in addition to conducting better exploratory phone calls, you’ll also enjoy some other long-term benefits. Not only will you be a better listener on the phone, but your ability to listen in person will noticeably improve. This skill will definitely come in handy at networking events — where you may find even more opportunities to connect with prospects and referrals.”

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