Are you making these 5 leadership mistakes?

The (former) Governor General of Canada, Julie Payette, recently resigned amid a 3rd-party probe that found “scathing” and “blistering” evidence she created a toxi work environment filled with harassment and bullying.

If you’re lucky, you’ll never have experienced such a boss or a toxic work environment, but in all likelihood, most people have experienced at some time or another, a bad boss and/or some kind of toxic work environment.

Which leads me to today’s five leadership mistakes (via Black Swan Group):

  1. Being “morally flexible”…there’s nothing worse than a leader with zero integrity. Not to mention it opens up a company to fraud and corruption if not worse.
  2. Lacking self-awareness…you know the type of manager that just flies off the handle and can’t control their emotions at the first sign of stress.
  3. Narcissistic behaviours…leaders who believe in their own self-interests and self-importance. Leaders look out for their team members and those working for them. (We recently shared some tips on how to work with narcissists in the workplace).
  4. Leaders who promote & recognize the WRONG people…I’ve seen this in my own experience, people who were promoted, not because they were the best person for the job but because of purely superficial factors.
  5. Leaders who let ego get in the way…a leader with a big ego can do more harm than good…whether they had good intentions or not. Leaders need to know how to make the best decisions vs acting based on personal advantage.
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